Dungeons allow a player to fight against AI controlled characters. Each victory rewards faction specific crafting materials and episode specific crafting materials. Players can also receive special playable versions of the dungeon boss by beating a dungeon 10 times.


Fight allows a player to play against a random human player. The matching system is based on win-loss ration, and deck points. After each battle you receive general crafting accessories whether you win or lose. If a human opponent can not be found within a time limit, you will be matched with an AI controlled player.

Shop B


The shop allows you to purchase cards with tokens (real money). You may purchase a booster for 35 tokens, which contains a single random card from a specific faction and episode. You may also purchase a starter deck for 500 tokens, which comes with 1 character, 30 Episode 0 cards, 10 Cat Dolls, and 10 Books.


The deck editor allows you to edit the deck that you will use in battle. Each deck must contain exactly 1 character and 30 spell or follower cards. Also, each card has a limit, between 0 and 3, to the number that you may include in your deck.



At the lab you can craft new cards out of materials or other cards, give characters gifts to make them transform, train and upgrade followers, send characters to gather materials, transform materials into other materials, or trade in your cards for materials.


The arena contains other multiplayer options. You may practice against other players by choosing a room number. When another player enters the same number, the match will begin. No rewards are given for practice matches, and they will not affect win-loss records. You may also enter ladder matches where you can play ranked matches against other players to achieve the highest rankings.