Science LabCafeGymClassroomCoin ShopCampsiteAlchemyExchangeS5

The lab is the area in which players can create new cards, give gifts to their characters, upgrade cards at the gym, train cards in the classroom, look at their friends list in the library, aquire materials in the campsite, transmute materials in the alchemy room, and exchange cards for materials in the exchange office.

Science Lab is the place where you can craft new cards using materials or cards you don't want.It's a very important place, especially if you don't want to spend tokens and you want a very good deck.

Cafe is the place where you can transform your character card to a new one that don't exist in science lab or shop.

Gym is where you will upgrade your followers that have TP from the classroom.Success isn't nessesary.

Classroom is where TP are given to followers in order to upgrade them in Gym

Coin Swap is where you can give your coins( that you get from daily quests) to trade for followers and spell cards

Campsite is the place where you can give one for your characters to explore for ores or accerories.

Alchemy is the place where you can trade one ore (white,blue,green,red,black) to an other one.Same to accessories.

Finally,Exchange is the place where you can trade cards you don't need any more for accessories