Darklore emblem   Heart Stone Witch 300103
300103L English Name: Heart Stone Witch
Type: Follower Card
Faction: Darklore
Size: 4
Attack: 4
Defense: 1
Stamina: 10
Points: 7
Deck Limit: 3
Episode: 2
Rarity: Uncommon
Effect: Before this card is attacked, allied Followers with "Witch" in the name get ATK +2/STA +2, and then this skill is removed.

Flavor Text: [This is a tool for the study of witch magic, a heart stone, also known as the treasure of the sages. I just want to live a life of freedom. That's all. Get ready. Refuse to be bound by limits. Open the control circuit. Wipe out all enemies before you!]
Total Cost: