Sita Vilosa

Character Cards are a special type of card which serve as the target in battle.

Each Deck may only have one Character Card in it, and one cannot attack the opponent's Character Card unless the rest of their field is empty.

Character Cards have no Size, and are placed in the Character Card Slot at the start of the battle. Although Character Cards do not have a size, they do however have "Life Points" which is displayed as a heart next to a certain number (usually 30) in a blue bubble with gold trim, a Character Card can lose "Life Points" by one of three ways:

1. A Follower Card on your side of the field loses stamina, and is destroyed, your Character Card loses Life Points equal to the size of that Follower Card.

2. If you have no Follower Cards, as a result your oppenents Follower Cards may attack your Character Card Directly (unless a Spell Card like "Pacifism" is played) as a result of a "Direct Attack" your Character Card loses Life Points equal to the size of the attacking Follower's size.

3. You or your opponent activates a Spell Card or Follower/Character Effect that has the loss of Life Points written in the card description.

When a Character Card's Life Points hit zero the game ends.

Be careful when selecting your Character Card for a deck, its effect alone could possibly create a major turning point for better or for worse.

Although Character Cards cannot attack, they can have special effects.

List of Character Cards