Crux emblem   Conversion 200089
200089L Имя: Conversion
Тип: Карта Spell
Фракция: Crux
Размер: 3
Очки: 3
Макс. в колоде: 3
Эпизод: 3
Редкость: Uncommon
Эффект: A random enemy Follower with a SIZE less than the first allied Follower's SIZE is deactivated and sent to the first empty Slot in your Field. That Follower gets this skill: "At the start of the turn, this card is sent to the first empty Slot in the enemy Field, and then this skill is removed."

Текст карты: [Didn't you come here because you were looking for something, hero of Vita? I believe you can find the answer in Crux.]